I Hate Me, Part 276,872

We just got a dog, it really wasn’t my idea but it’s a cute little beast. It’s a Pomeranian that looks like a coyote or a tiny lion cub with a dogs head. Tiny dogs are fine, I mean Mickey Rourke has a dozen or so (three of them have power of attorney) and he’s cool, right? It’s the name that I’m stuck on. I figured tiny dog, big imposing name, I was thinking “Stalin!” (with exclamation point). This was quickly shot down, not even a spirited discussion just an “I married an idiot look” tossed my way. The name that she decided on was “Pickles”. Pickles? Aaaurrgh! But then my brother suggested I could call her “Rickles” (as in Don) and Sean at work said I could call her “Travis Pickles” (ie: Travis Bickle/Taxi Driver). I was beginning to like the name Pickles. Big man, tiny dog named Pickles, good comic possibilities (blog-wise). Then I was hit with, “She’s not a Pickles, she’s a Lucy. We can call her Lulu.” Big guy, tiny dog named Lulu. The embarrassment quotient seems much higher.

why not Stalin!

    • Cheryl
    • December 30th, 2010

    I once had a teeny 3 1/2 Lb. Pomeranian I named Spike. Fang was his nickname. Looked like a little fox. Cute little bugger, but yeah, ya gotta give em an imposing name! Lulu is cute and all…..that’s the problem. Cute dogs should not have cute names. I feel for ya, Bro! 🙂

    • Gunter Ford
    • December 30th, 2010

    Do you really think dogs understand the concept of names? They’re just responding to familiar sounds. A dog can have 5 names if you reinforce them.

    Of course, you’ll be fighting about this for years with your wife if you give the dog a second name, so it better be a good one.

    • feedtim
    • December 30th, 2010

    i know that the dog’s name is for people, i could refer to her with just a retching sound and eventually she’d respond. Cheryl, agree fully

    • Matt
    • December 30th, 2010

    How about Lu Luca Brassi?

    • Mary Todd Lincoln
    • January 3rd, 2011


  1. congrats guys! this is hilarious! lulu is cute. especially when you are walking her, big guy, picking up her poop and she is wearing a tutu. a pink one!

    good one matt…

    or lulu luciano!

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