Notes From Das Boot 99

12/11/10 Dresden
There is a shitload of nothin’ around here, thank god it’s raining/snowing/shitting (aka: german scheisse wind) outside so being inside doesn’t seem so bad. And they had hot-dog soup for lunch. I’d like to mention Seventh Void (Kenny, Johnny, Matt, Hank Hell and driver/tour manager Mathius aka kabob )the band we’re touring with. These guys have been vanning it for the last six weeks, some of these drives and most of the weather has been pretty brutal. Two of the guys (Johnny, Kenny) used to be in Type O Negative, so they’re used to a touring regimen that’s a damn sight better than what we’re doing, yet they haven’t groused, they turn up every day with a great attitude and get up on stage and lean into it for 45 minutes of good heavy rock. I’m really glad they did this tour. Check them out

This doesn't look like it would be very erotic. it actually looks like a plot device from a sequel to the movie Hostel. The scene: a couple of american douche bags driving thru east germany, "Look bro, erotic car wash". And they were never seen again, although their livers turned up in a butcher shop in Prague

    • richard jizzlebaum iv
    • December 15th, 2010

    i can’t be the only one who checked out the website…..

    • richard jizzlebaum iv
    • December 15th, 2010

    for the erotic car wash, that is…..

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