Notes From das Boot 91

11/30/10 Barcelona
It is impossible to get warm, it seems like all of Europe (especially England) has their thermostat set to “damp/cold”. Better than expected crowd in Madrid last night, especially because of the big “football” match. The Madridians were soundly drubbed by the Barcelonites so the mood here in Barcelona is festive, well if not festive than at least non-murderous. Our tour manager Bobo (german for “raw nerve”) is pretty much existing on no sleep and a shit load of coffee (hot coffee, iced coffee, coffee gum, coffee hats, etc). He doesn’t go to sleep, as he says “When i go to bed, I don’t sleep, I just wait.”. After show another 18-20 hr hell drive to Switzerland and their Nazi gold. 10 shows left.

    • galbacco
    • December 1st, 2010

    You’re lucky the tour got finished in England when it did, it’s a white out!!! Hate to think what would’ve happened were you starting out here now…

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