Notes From Das Boot 88

11/26/10 Londinium, UK
Shitty internet connection here at the Electric Ballroom. Tomorrow Paris, which will be a clusterfuck and suspect internet, then a hell drive to Madrid. So I won’t be back on for a few days. We played Manchester’s version of the Brighton Bar, Moho Live. It was tiny and scrunched but a good show. It was Jim’s first show since his finger operation, the result of the broken finger which happened in what he referred to as “a finger banging melee” (there were no photos). The other big show in Manchester that night was Chester Mann’s all male review, Putting the Man in Manchester. I heard it drew big crowds. The best thing about Manchester is the great number of good record stores, good Christ, fucking New Jersey has maybe three good stores in the entire state but Manchester had three within two blocks. Solid stores run by by people who knew their shit. We’re in the Camden Town part of London, where the Camden market is. A bunch of stalls selling pretty much the same “clever” t-shirts and general hippie bullshit with the occasional person dressed up in mohawked, studded punk glory holding signs for local tattoo shops. yahoo. 13 shows left.

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