Notes from Das Boot 85


11/20/2010 Sheffield, England

On our way to load in at the Millenium Music Hall, we dropped Dave off at a hotel in Cardiff. The hotels name was The Big Sleep.  Now unless it was a mortuary,  calling a hotel “The Big Sleep” doesn’t sound great for business. Crazy “Spinal Tap, hello-Ceveland” type load in; 8 or 9 different sets of stairs each with multiple wrong ways to go, cryptic spray painted arrows to show correct direction. Once inside found it to be the stickiest floor of any place we’ve ever played, like someone had poured molasses all over it.
Q: When was the last time the floor at the Millenium Music Hall was mopped?
A: What’s a mop?
The show was good and the crowd was really into it. After the show I got some food at Wok to Walk (which is a name that is at first clever and then annoying) and I saw this curious sign (fig.1). I don’t know if the bathrooms are closed or you can use them but take your “leavings” with you.

    • Jakob
    • November 20th, 2010

    Howdy partner.

    Found your FB-profile after much searching. It wasn’t easy let me tell you… 🙂 You must have every possible securitypreference checked, which I agree with, but I can’t even ask to connect, so if you want, here’s mine:

    Take care,

  1. who doesnt like pooping in their own hand?

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