Notes From Das Boot 83

real or replica? only your dealer knows

Garrett and Phil

Eindhoven, Holland 11/16/10

Foggy morning in Eindhoven, good strong coffee makes it alright. So far three sunny days out of sixteen, which is better than the last long European tour two years ago where it rained almost every day. We’re playing the Effenaar, which is a great club, one of those oasis shows on a tour. Great crew, great showers, laundry and a nice big stage. Had a great show in Christiana/Copenhagen at the Loppen, small, tight punk rock type venue. Christiana is (and I’m probably describing it incorrectly) a self contained city/state/squat in the borders of Copenhagen. It is best known for being a mecca for drugs, which are sold in little kiosks along the main drag called “Pusher St.” There’s a real post apocalyptic, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome vibe going on but instead of Tina Turner there’s nogoodnicks in hoodies and track suits warming themselves in front of garbage can fires. Christiana is also the best place I’ve found to buy knock-off Faberge Eggs. As astute readers of my blog will remember, I have a weakness for them and since the real ones cost a lot I save my euros and buy a couple of “replicas” when I’m in Christiana. This is our new guitarist, Garrett’s first real long tour and the effects of the road have started to take there toll (see photo)…(pause for laughter)……..and out.

    • feedtim
    • November 16th, 2010

    I just realized I used the word “GREAT” 4 times in 20 or so words, so feel free to substitute, “real good” “very cool” “excellent” or “neato” if the number of “great”s is bothersome

  1. what a great post script…

    • Bobo’s even worse half
    • December 1st, 2010

    “It can’t rain all the time.”

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