Notes From das Boot 80

11/6/2010, Aalborg, Denmark

New to Denmark (and the world) is Burger Kings Whopper Pinata, it’s a giant burger shaped Pinata that you hit with a big stick until it breaks open, showering you with tiny hamburgers

11/7/2010 on the ferry between Denmark and Sweden

The festival went as well as could be expected the show was good but it was a workout getting things on and off the tiny stage with so many bands, ten pounds of bands in a five pound venue. Today we drove from Aalborg to the ferry for a three hour ride (tour) to Gothenborg were we roll in late and set up fast, a good early tour test.

11/8/2010 Oslo, Norway

Gothenborg show was good. Garrett has been working his ass off to get the songs down in a real short amount of time. Tonight, a couple of clams but nothing major. Dinner was in house and not very good, a choice between a weird spongey fish and an equally odd pork curry. I didn’t eat much of it and as the cook was hanging around the dining area I cut up all the food in tiny pieces so I looked like I ate more of it than I did, and therefor not insulting the cook. I know, I’m a mental patient. Drive to Oslo was bumpy and twisting and either we scraped something or a giant moose/bear scratched the side of the bus. Two good record stores near the Rockefeller and some of the Gluecifer guys should be coming out to the show which will be cool.

    • Jakob
    • November 8th, 2010

    Hey there.

    I’ve rediscovered your blog and it’s now in my RSS-reader so every time you write something it shows up automatically. So I’m basically cyberstalking you…

    I was thinking of maybe popping in during the day and saying hi at your Stockholm show, if you don’t mind? I can’t stay for the show (again…) cause I’m doing a gig with Hardcore Superstar at one of those cruiseships/ferrys to and from Finland that you’ll probably just have come off on friday.

    Take care,

    • Cheryl
    • November 9th, 2010

    JFC, Cronin, fukryinoutloud, you’re shittin’ with us about the Whopper Pinata and the hamburgette shower, right? I tend to think it’s a joke, but then some of the crap you’ve shown us that those crazy bastards are doing over there…….hmmmmmmn. *scratching my head and my ass on this one*

    • feedtim
    • November 10th, 2010

    Jakob: great to hear from you, stop by, we’re loading in around 1pm. We had Urtaaan Smorgerdaaaaahl play the ferry we’re on now, talk about exciting. Hope you are well
    Cheryl: I wish it was real, the real one has everything you’d find in a Danish salad: lettuce, tomato, ground glass, bison spine and for some reason Tortilla chips. It’s a weird and wonderful place, minus the wonderful.

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