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Notes From Das Boot 77

11/2/10 Frankfurt 11am
Well, back out for another six week european run. Packing for these long tours is a bit of a work out. I went through all my shirts and took all of the ones that are stained (most of them) or with the necks blown out and generally misshapen. The pants, torn and raggedy. Stuff my wife doesn’t want me to wear, yet it’s still wearable (barely). The flight over was ok. There was a guy seated in front of me. a big drunk who looked like a mix of Chris Farley and Jim Woodring’s comic book character, Manhog. he was passed out drunk and flopping around and his hand kept going behind his head and covering up the video screen. It’s hard enough to make out what the fuck is going on in the movie Inception, especially on a small airplane screen and with this drunk boob flopping his hand all over the place it made it harder, I started swatting his hand away and when that didn’t work, I started punching it, he moved it. He later forgot where his carry-on stuff was and he was crawling on all fours down the aisle looking under seats. We’re now waiting on the bus for the rest of our crew and then a drive to Koln and a hotel.

Chris Farley


11/2/10 Koln 3pm
We got to the hotel and unfortunately it’s an Ibis, which is as I’ve stated earlier is the German word for “tiny and shitty”. Walked around for awhile and now it’s just the wait until first show, it’s a kind of limbo. Just want to get the first show over and see how everything goes.