I Hate Me, Part 231,837

Foodtown doesn’t sell the kind of Campbells vegetable soup that the rest of my family likes (Campbells Chunky Savory Vegetable). The only place around that sells it is Acme and not the nearby Acme, the other Acme. The Acme that sometimes smells like everything in it was dusted with onion soup mix. Well, they had the soup and I got a few and picked up some other stuff and I went up to the counter. The cashier looked to be a manager of some sort. He looked at my stuff, looked at me and didn’t start ringing me up. In order to speed things up I managed to croak out a “hey” as in “hey, how you doin’ , let’s get this started.”. The guy was unblinking and spoke in a gruff monotone like the library cop on Seinfeld.
Cashier-Where’s your..uh Acme card? (the customer savings card)
Me-…I don’t have one..
Cashier– Don’t have one, huh?
Me-...yeah, I don’t usually shop here….I…uh..usually go to…uh Foodtown…(what the fuck? are you the Acme cop?)…
Cashier-...well that’s too bad…could’ve saved yourself some money if you had the card…you know that doncha?
Me-…yeaahh…I do now…but…like I said…I don’t usually shop here.
Cashier-(as he’s handing me the money)…We’re a good store…keep us in mind.

    • Brett B.
    • October 7th, 2010

    When at the Lincroft Acme it’s always best to use the self checkout so as to minimize interaction with other people. Incidentally the Foodtown needs the self-checkout system desperately. Although that could ramp up the aggravation factor in there to unbearable levels (as if it’s not there already).

    • Matt
    • October 7th, 2010

    Yeah, the self check out was made for you. They have them at the A&P across the street from this Acme.
    The blog entry will come when someone buying food for the entire Von Trap family is in front of you and is not following the simple social contract of bagging your own groceries as you go, and all you’ve got is a couple of cans of soup, that you won’t even be eating yourself.

    • feedtim
    • October 7th, 2010

    “Self-Check Out” more like creeping socialism my friend. Giving the Government more of your information, through clever tactics like “self-check outs”. No sir, not on my watch

    • CitizenCliff
    • October 19th, 2010

    When in one of those situations where they ask about the card, I always tell them “oh yeah — well, the wife usually does the shopping.” Then they feel sorry for me and use their own personal card and give me the discount.

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