I Like Records 46

"yeah...Led Zeppelin"

Friday afternoon, middle aged guy, a little drunk, standing by the back counter and propping himself up on a record rack that was filled with hundreds of records.

Guy- You guys got records?

I looked at him, then I looked at the records he was leaning against, then I looked back at the guy and I was trying to figure out the make up of this guy, how much of this guy was drunk and how much was jerk.



Me-…yeah, you’re leaning on them

Guy- (suddenly noticing that, yes he was leaning on a rack of records)…yeah…I gotta lot of records..you ever hear of Black Sabbath, that’s some old shit, man…yeah, I got some of that.

Me-(silent stare)…

Guy- Hey…that Eric Clapton record (History of Eric Clapton) does that got “Down by the River” on it.

Me-no, are you sure that’s Clapton?

Guy-Oh yeah, I’m sure, Hey I gotta Fleetwood Mac album…you know the one that’s worth a lot of money, that’s the one I got…yeah…and it’s in great shape

Me- Yeah?

Guy-yeah….Here it is (pulls out a copy of Fleetwood Mac-Rumors), how much you sellin’ this for?

Me-dollar ninety nine

Guy-No!…Really?!…so…so I must have a special one…‘cause mine’s worth…a lot.

He then continued to go through the lp’s, picking them up and calling them by their wrong names.

Guy-(picking up ELP’s first album)…yeah…Led Zeppelin…(picking up another copy of Fleetwood Mac-Rumors)…yo…big guy…you sure this ain’t worth a lot?

I smiled and said nothing

  1. hey, leave me out of your blog. and i was looking at the frazetta paintings on the molly hatchet covers, not elp. ugh.

    • feedtim
    • October 4th, 2010

    I stand by my version of your actions

    • Chris Burns
    • October 4th, 2010

    Hey, I was just reading the Globe Bar blog, and the latest entry begins, ” A disoriented Jack’s customer flashing a big wad of vinyl stumbles in for a much needed drink…”

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