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Sunday Music 10/31/10

01 Introduction WITCH-Introduction
WITCH (We Intend To Cause Havoc) was an early 70’s proponent of Zam Rock an underground rock scene that flourished in the small African nation of Zambia (I didn’t know what the hell “Zam Rock” was until about a week ago). The album I have, Introduction is pretty amazing and sounds to me like garage/funk-soul. Others I have played it for haven’t been that impressed. Hope you enjoy.  I bought it from Aquarius Records in San Francisco, you should check out their site

We Intend To Cause Havoc

A Message from the Pretzel Council

We at the Pretzel Council want to remind you that fall is pretzel grilling season. One of the best pretzel grilling recipes we’ve found comes from one of our favorite cookbooks, Fahrenheit 451. The recipe is called Pretzelbook Italiano, it’s a simple recipe where you marinate both book and pretzel in an italian dressing marinate. The marinate softens the books spine and tenderizes the pretzel while adding a nuanced pulpy flavor. We suggest serving it with a bottle of 1997 Stinkwood Glenn Rose. Bon Appetit!

PRETZELS! Not just for Eatin’ (or snackin’)

great cookbook!

Mmmmm...almost done

sorry, it only serves one

I Hate Me, Part 220,199

We got a particularly good batch of Honeycrisp apples and I put one in with my lunch. Before going to work I had to go to the Mall (about 5 miles away) to pay my phone bill. As I got on the highway, my lunch bag fell on the floor and the apple fell out and was rolling around like a big red pinball bouncing off of many apple bruising surfaces. I tried to grab it without swerving all over the road and while my arms are long they are not orangutan length and I couldn’t get to it. It was the first time that I was hoping for a red light but of course it was smooth sailing. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the apple rolling around and I knew that the apple and my enjoyment of it were doomed. In my Bizarro World Tim brain I thought “Why apple not square?” When I got to the Mall, In picked up the apple and it was mushy and I was bummed.

Bizarro World, home of the square apple

Sunday Music 10/24/10

15 Summertime
Sidney Bechet-Summertime

Sidney Bechet (1897-1959), I really love his version of this Gershwin song.  I think it was recorded in 1939, it’s on a few of his collections

I Hate Me, Part 176,990

It was 8AM, it was raining, I had a headache, we were out of aspirin. I ran out to Rite-Aid to grab a bottle of Excedrin (it contains caffeine), grab two coffees at Dunkin Donuts and get back home before 8:30 to drive my wife to work. I got the Excedrin and was waiting in line to pay for it, there was a woman in front of me. She had a shitload of stuff, mostly Halloween things; decorations, costumes, candy. She was a mom wearing a high school sweatshirt and was way to perky for 8AM. The girl ringing her up was training with a more experienced girl observing. Tick tick tick, it was taking a long goddamned time and the line behind me grew, now we are four. Finally everything is rung up and it’s time to pay.
Cashier-That’ll be $89.77. Do you have your Rite-Aid Savings card?
Woman-Here you go (it’s on a giant key ring with many other key ring cards)
Cashier-(after many unsuccessful swipes)..Oh, this isn’t working
Observer Cashier-That’s not a Rite-Aid card
Woman-..Oh…well try that one (points to another card on the key ring)
Cashier-…mmm…this one?
Woman-no..nono..that one (points again)
[the line is now up to 6 people and no attempt is made to open another register, I hear grumbling then realize it’s me.]
Cashier-Oh…this one..(finds right card, yet doesn’t scan it)…You got a lot of Halloween stuff, You know I dyed my hair almost every year for Halloween…Green….Blue…Every year.
Woman-Wow..every year…I won’t let my kids dye their hair, that’s why I got the wig (pulls a wig out of the shopping bag)’s now $69.50…you saved $20 with your card
Woman-Wow, $20 (then turns to the unhappy line behind her waiting to get rung up)…you should get this card, I just saved $20….
Woman-(undeterred by the hateful apathy of the line) really should.
I didn’t have time to get the coffee and my wife was late for work.

I Like Records 48

apparently not the original

There’s a guy who comes in who has the unfortunate nickname of “the total rape guy”.  Late middle aged, paunchy, been in some fights, comb over. I didn’t know how he got his nickname, Matt told me the story. The guy was looking for the movie Deliverance, Sean found it for him. The cover said something about it was an expanded version or the sound had been remastered. Something along those lines and they guy looked at it and didn’t believe it was the original, “This ain’t the original, it’s a remake…It can’t be the original, the original has total rape in it… this ain’t it.” No one knew how he came to this conclusion from just reading the DVD box, and no arguments were proffered, he didn’t buy it.

If You Squint

Joe Cocker-With a Little From My Friends

Luca Brasi, who sleeps with the fishes

Doesn’t the cover of Joe Cocker’s With a Little Help From My Friends look like a hippie version of Luca Brasi from The Godfather getting killed?

Sunday Music 10/17/10

3 Delicias, 7" on Big Black Hole records

3 Delicias- Sticky
3 Delicias-sticky-These guys are from Spain (I think), this is from a single that came out a couple of years ago. Three songs including a great version of “she cracked”, they’re all really noisy and distorted. I can’t find anything else by them.

Hardships of the Chilean Miners

A&P Press, Cal Coonce
Reports are begining to surface about conditions suffered by the thirty-three Chilean miners during their two month undergound ordeal. According to the reports:
*During their time below, the only restaurant the miners had access to was a subterranean Arbys
*Cable service was “spotty at best” and most of the miners missed the premier of Boardwalk Empire.
*All of the vending machines ran out of Cool Ranch Doritos.
*The exotic dancers at the below ground gentlemens clubs “weren’t very exotic” by the fifth week.
More reports are forth coming

CarFax to Launch Personal Division

A&P Press, Bruce Chen

CarFax, the successful corporation that supplies vehicle history reports to car buyers is branching out and launching a personal division. The new venture, DateFax collects a detailed history of a potential date. The standard package (DateFax/Gold) includes information about family, previous relationships, work records and any police reports. The upgraded package (DateFax/Platinum) adds a detailed medical dossier (both physical and mental) and access to e-mail accounts. News of this expansion sent CarFax stock (CRFX) up 1.02 in yesterdays trading.