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A Message From the Pretzel Council

Hello pretzel lovers and the people who love pretzel lovers. We have just returned from a fact finding mission in Cradle of Pretzel Civilization. That’s right people I’m talking about Germany. In Germany, pretzels are an undeniable fact of life. Humble pretzel sellers ply their delicious wares in rock clubs (figure 1). Street signs remind citizens that pretzels are the king of snacks (figure 2). Pretzel scientists (Wissenschaft Brezel Männer or “science pretzel men”) have developed a new type of pretzel. The intriguing pretzel/donut hybrid (figure 3), which unfortunately has none of the “zazz” of either pretzels or donuts. Keep swingin’ for the (pretzel) fences Fritz, American pretzel aficionados are keenly following the exciting (and delicious) pretzel advances of Germany. Pretzels Uber Alles!

Pretzels! Not just for eatin’!

(figure 1)

(figure 2)

(figure 3)