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I Like Records 45

" know, the good album"

Middle aged guy, saturday morning, not drunk.

Guy-Yeah….hey….know what I’m looking for? That Edgar Winter album….you know the good one…you know what I mean, right?

Me- He put out a few…do you want a greatest hits?

Guy-Nah…No…you know the GOOD one…The one I want…uh…YOU know…

[I looked up Edgar Winter cd’s, I figured the one he wanted had “slow ride” and “Frankenstein” on it, I just couldn’t think of the title]

Me-I’m checking his cd’s…yeah, he’s done a bunch of ‘em. Him and his brother…Yeah, they’ve lived pretty long lives for being albino, I heard they usually die on the youngish side.

Guy-…Whut?…Albino?…really?…I just thought he was really, really white.

Me- Really white?

Guy- yeah…

Me-Ok, it’s on They Only Come Out At Night

Guy-maybe…maybe…mmmwhat are the songs?

Me-”Hangin Around”, “whe..

Guy-(cutting me off) yeah, that’s a good one…what else is on there…

Me-”When it Comes”, “Alta Mira”, “Free Ride”, “Undercover Man a few more… and “Frankenstein”

[I was reading them very fast but he was still commenting “yeah that’s a good one too” after every title I read]

Guy-yeah ok, I want it

Me-We’re out of it, gonna have to order it for you, let me have your name and number and we’ll call you, it’ll be about two weeks.

Guy- a week?

Me– no, two weeks


Guy- yeah, i didn’t get a call about my cd, so I figured I’d stop in and check. My house isn’t like an office and sometimes I don’t get my messages.

Me- Yeah, I told you it’d be two weeks

Guy- Do you got that good Dylan record?….I went to another store and they didn’t know…but you got a computer so…

Me- Dylan’s had a few good records, which one?

Guy-…You know…The GOOD one…it’s got “Lily of the west” on it

[I’m fairly well versed in Dylan’s music, I don’t know that song. So I looked it up and it’s on Dylan (1973). The album is made of out takes from New Morning and Self Portrait, seen as a revenge record by Columbia it’s generally considered Dylan’s worst album.]

Me- It’s on Dylan
[ as soon as I said it I knew I had opened myself up for an Abbott & Costello routine]

Guy-Yeah..Dylan…what album…does it have “Lily of the West” on it?

Me-it’s on a Dylan album called Dylan and yes that song’s on it…and it’s out of print…not made anymore…we can’t get it.

Guy-…why would he do that…

Me-I don’t know why man, try

a headline

I never thought that USA Today was big on snarky humor, or even humor.  I know I’m being douchey and childish but…well there is no but… and I know it’s Jay Leno territory. Guilty. I’m a douchey, childish Jay Leno style biter.

Sep 28, 2010-USA Today

Pavin says Tiger won’t have problem with Ryder Cup wives