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I Hate Me, Part 272,824

my enemy, my knife

I went up to New York for a meeting. After the meeting I got a coffee with a couple of friends. While standing on the street drinking coffee and talking I felt that my pocket knife was stuck in my pocket. The key ring part (see photo) was stuck on a loose thread. The pocket had been recently sewn, so I figured I’d just yank the knife out of my pocket. Bad move. While I got the knife out I also re-tore my pocket. I found this out as I felt a bunch of change cascade down my leg. A few pieces ended up on the sidewalk, the remainder (21 coins, $1.97) ended up in my shoe. I had a train to catch and I wasn’t gonna take off my shoe on a crowded subway or a train. So there I was with what amounted to an uncomfortable coin insole and getting angrier with every step. When I got home a cold drink and an empty shoe made things better. Cut to the next morning. I was supposed to drop my step daughter off at the bus stop for school and I got up late. So I jumped out of bed, and quickly threw on a shirt and unknowingly the same pair of pants, I jammed my cell phone, pocket knife and change I took out of my shoe back into the torn pocket. As I was running down stairs I felt my knife slide down my leg and some change in my shoe and in my head I was yelling “FUUUUUUUUCK!”