Personalized Records

My friend Neil had a good idea about posting used records that were uniquely personalized. Here’s the first. Who is RIC and why the giant reflective letters?

  1. i get this…

    RIC didn’t want any of his asshole stoner pals ripping of his SKYNYRD while he was passed out from too many ludes, hashish & tuborg gold…. it’s bad enough they all did his old lady while he did his best rumplestiltskin empression, but take his SKYNYRD!!!??? NEVER!

    Hence the easy to read RIC reflective letters….(easier to see in black light and while baked) i get this…. i was there…

    • feedtim
    • September 16th, 2010

    Well played, Devil Dick. Maybe you should come up with stories for any of these I post

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