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New York Department Nicknames

1)N.Y. Police Department——————————New York’s Finest
2)N.Y. Fire Department———————————New York’s Bravest
3)N.Y. Sanitation Department————————-New York’s Strongest
4)N.Y. Department of Mime—————————-New York’s Strangest
5)N.Y. Department of Animal Control—————-New York’s Bitey-est
6)N.Y. Department of Blankets————————New York’s Lintiest
7)N.Y. Department of Feedback & Distortion——-New York’s Noisiest
8)N.Y. Department of Toll Takers———————New York’s Snottiest
9)N.Y. Department of Knives & Pointy Objects—New York’s Stabbiest
10)N.Y. Department of Suits—————————New York’s Dapperest