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Found another polka album on the amazing Stella label, Accordion Polkas by Bernie Witkowski. Note the back cover, it looks like a refrigerator covered with one of those magnet poetry games.
The caption for the photo is:
“The Honorable Congressman Roman C. Pucinski (Democrat-11th District) of Illinois (center) is shown presenting an American flag that flew over the capitol in Washington to recently enshrined Polka Music Hall of Famer, Bernie Witkowski of New Jersey. This flag was donated as a patriotic gift on behalf of New Jersey’s pride and joy, the Honorable Congressman Henry Helstoki- the Democratic Congressman from the Garden State NJ.   Standing near microphone (on left) is the energetic President of the IPA, Leon Kozicki, who presented a plaque and diamond studded lapel pin to the “King of Polka Kings” BERNIE WITKOWSKI”

    • fishbreath
    • September 3rd, 2010

    Hey, this beats the heck out of my frankie yankovic albums!
    politics and polkas—you can’t get hurt.

  1. pride of new jersey! your god-damned right sir!!!!!

  2. pride & JOY by the way….

    • fishbreath
    • September 5th, 2010

    so true, you can’t beat a polka to get you going!
    love it. pass the pierogi.

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