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Only the Mets

I’m over here in Europe thousands of miles away from baseball and maybe I’m reading the stories wrong on the inter-web, but ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? K-Rod is having season ending surgery for a a hand injury suffered while beating up his father-in-law in the “family room” at Citi-Field. One can only curse and weep and drink.

Notes From Das Boot 71

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Linz, Austria

Way back on 8/11 in Avenches, Switzerland at the Rock Oz Arenes festival, I had mentioned that Status Quo headlined. Status Quo also had one of the three porta-johns reserved just for them ( figure 1), as the tour has lumbered on I’ve found other things that have also been reserved just for Status Quo:

Notes From Das Boot 70

Austria, (somewhere)

Played Friday night at the Poolbar Festival in Feldkirch, it’s a month long festival, tonight we headlined with a band called Stator who are from Austria. They made a bad first impression when the drummer strolled into our dressing room unnoticed and completely stunk up our bathroom. Gah! I really wanted to hassle him and call him “shitler” as in “Hey Shitler, stink up somebody else’s bathroom.” I never found the right opportunity, because with a line that good you would want to have an audience to hear it, (months later: “Hey remember when I called that guy Shitler, yeah that was funny. Right?”). Anyhow they turned out to be good guys and they sounded Mogwai-ish, which I don’t find to be a bad thing. Also, on the house crew was “Robin” of the great Austrian shit-rock duo Batman & Robin. Primitive, bordering on retarded story songs about Gotham City’s favorite sons. I picked up their third single that day at a good little record store called Musicladen, that also had a couple of hard to find Reverend Beatman Lp’s. My suitcase is big enough to bring home some 45’s but Lp’s are just too big and stand a good chance of getting ruined.

Notes From Das Boot 69

Graffiti for Austria's favorite porn star, Anal Steg.

The Kraftwerk building, where super robots make the music of Kraftwerk and maintain the animatronic performers. No human has entered the building and come out alive.

Notes From Das Boot 68a

Pork belly sandwich at a butcher shop/cafe in Feldkirch, Austria

Notes From Das Boot 68

(truck stop somewhere in Austria)

The Rock Oz Arenes festival in Avenches, Switzerland was an odd show. The festival grounds are in an ancient coliseum built by the romans, that was pretty cool. Status Quo headlined the show and outside of the amazing “Pictures of Matchstick Men” I don’t know any of their songs, what I heard was a long couple of hours of Chuck Berry styled boogie shop type music which the crowd ate up. The crowd had a large mix of families in it and until last night I never realized how how many times Dave says “Motherfucker” in the set. Earlier in the day a few of us got to go the H.R. Giger museum in the town of Gruyere. The town was real touristy and quaint, and fondue-y.  The views of the alps were amazing. There wasn’t as much original artwork in the museum as I had hoped. There were a lot of prints, but it was alright. One of the best things about the museum was a section of Giger’s personal art collection, in it there was a Joe Coleman painting (Portrait of Charles Manson) that I’ve only seen photos of. The Giger bar was cool as well.

Notes From Das Boot 67

Record store, Rex Rotari (not shown; army of spiders lurking around the singles

records I bought

Notes From Das Boot 67
(somewhere on the road in Switzerland)

The Saarbrucken show was alright, The club we played (The Garage) is oddly shaped, it looks like a wooden circus tent, good house crew and a good crowd made it a solid night. Found a record store in town with a bunch of 7” singles, a lot of out of print stuff and the section was covered in cobwebs (with a few strategically placed giant spiders(not toy spiders, real spiders. Probably filled with deadly venom)), so I don’t think there’s been many people buying up this stuff. I bought a few things, I wish I had more money. Well I generally wish I had more money, today it was record specific.

You should be looking at this site

The always great Spine Out blog, has a post about French pulp book covers, well worth checking out.

Notes From Das Boot 66

8/10/10 Saarbrucken

First show went pretty well, really good house crew at Melkweg made everything run smoothly. Playing with Karma To Burn for two shows. We did shows with them last December and it’s good to see them. They’ve added a second guitarist, Daniel Davies son of The Kinks Dave Davies. I’m sure he’s sick to death of hearing people asking about his dad.
(Imagined Conversation):
Me- Hey Dave Davies is your dad
Daniel Davies-…yeah…
Daniel Davies-… Yeah, I gotta go

Hopefully we won’t be putting the “sour” in Saarbrucken…(pause for laughter)…Tomorrow we’re playing a festival with Status Quo.

Notes From Das Boot 65

8/9/10 Amsterdam

Back out here for a quick 2 week 11 show run. Got in Sunday, first show tonight at the Milkweg. We’re staying at a hipster hotel called Citizen M, all super modern and very inconvenient. The toilet and the shower are in little round glass enclosures that seem like something from a domestic version of Star Trek (“Scotty the plumbing on this planet is awful, beam me down a proper toilet!”) but it’s a hotel and these will be fairly rare for me over the next couple of weeks. Boo fucking hoo. First show is always a little nerve wracking, load in is at 1pm and we’ll see if all the rental gear works or if anything was forgotten, fingers crossed.