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I Hate Me, Part 299,734

It was the last show of a short Monster Magnet tour. We were playing a festival in East Germany and headlining the secondary stage/tent. It was a good show and after it was over there were some people at the barricade by the foot of the stage looking for set lists, drum sticks, or guitar picks (or as the Euro’s say “plectrums”). I had a set list and I gave it away.  As I was doing this, our guitar tech stage left, Towers (aka: Towers of Power, Towering Inferno, Inferno) handed me a stack of papers that seemed like a bunch of set lists. Great. Here I am “Hero of the Day” I’m handing out set lists, everyone gets one, everyone’s happy. Until I realized that in the stack of “set lists” only the first two were actual set lists, the rest were blank. So I was ceremoniously handing out blank sheets of paper. And then I started to have crumpled up paper thrown back at me. There were raised German voices, I was no longer the hero. I mimed something that indicated that I would be right back.  I didn’t come back.