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Notes From Das Boot 75

(shit internet connection last two days, hope this get online)

As this thing is wrapping up I’d like to mention a few things. First I’d like to thank Sherry for taking the tour diary from my blog ( and reprinting it on the new Monster Magnet site, which she has worked tirelessly on. Second, Bobo (our tour manager) hooked me up with a great book on East German product design and a really hard to find Heads/White Hills split 12”. If you like Monster Magnet (or noisy psych rock) and you’re not listening to The Heads, you’re really missing out. They just reissued their first album Relaxing With... with an added 2nd disc. Also pick up their 2008 album Dead In The Water, roaring psychedelic noise: Neu! + Stooges + Hawkwind = Dead In The Water. Fuck it, buy everything by them, you won’t be disappointed. If you dig that, then definitely check out Hey Colossus and their record Happy Birthday. Lastly I’d like to thank Ben for sending me a copy of Apathy for the Devil a 70’s memoir by music journalist Nick Kent. Kent wrote for the NME and wrote the great The Dark Stuff a book of interviews. Apathy…is a real good read and has made the slow parts of this tour go by quickly