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Notes From Das Boot 74

Lierop, NL (Nirwana Tuinfest)

Small outdoor festival, like a really big backyard party, we’re on a bill that includes il Nino, Sepultura, and Sick of it All. Dinner was in town a few minutes away and we were driven there by a runner from the festival. I was sitting in the front seat and the driver started speaking dutch to me, and I let him know I didn’t speak dutch. He thought this over for a few seconds and continued to speak dutch to me. Feeling uncomfortable, I replied in a series of grunts and nods which seemed to placate him and we had a one sided conversation. At the restaurant, I was sitting at a table facing a window on the street. A woman came up on the sidewalk and used the window as a mirror, fixing make-up, hair and finally picking her nose, not realizing or caring that it was in fact not a mirror but a window in a restaurant.