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Notes From Das Boot 72


(truck stop, Germany)

I saw this Shell energy drink and I wasn’t sure if it was a car additive or a human additive.

pixy stix

Actually, I was sure it was a drink, I just thought it was a little weird and I figured a good angle on it would be the “Car additive/Human additive” thing. Guaranteed high hilarity and a thoughtful discussion on the effects of so called “energy drinks” on society, especially youngsters, what’s wrong with Hi-C or Kool-Aid, or even a frosty glass of Tang. If Tang was good enough for our astronauts, it should be good enough for our kids. Energy drinks, feh. When we were kids and were tired from working ( 2 six hour shifts at the “farm”) my parents would give us a few Pixy Stix and a mason jar of pond water and send us back to work with a gentle kick to the behind. Oh well…time for my meds.