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Notes From Das Boot 70

Austria, (somewhere)

Played Friday night at the Poolbar Festival in Feldkirch, it’s a month long festival, tonight we headlined with a band called Stator who are from Austria. They made a bad first impression when the drummer strolled into our dressing room unnoticed and completely stunk up our bathroom. Gah! I really wanted to hassle him and call him “shitler” as in “Hey Shitler, stink up somebody else’s bathroom.” I never found the right opportunity, because with a line that good you would want to have an audience to hear it, (months later: “Hey remember when I called that guy Shitler, yeah that was funny. Right?”). Anyhow they turned out to be good guys and they sounded Mogwai-ish, which I don’t find to be a bad thing. Also, on the house crew was “Robin” of the great Austrian shit-rock duo Batman & Robin. Primitive, bordering on retarded story songs about Gotham City’s favorite sons. I picked up their third single that day at a good little record store called Musicladen, that also had a couple of hard to find Reverend Beatman Lp’s. My suitcase is big enough to bring home some 45’s but Lp’s are just too big and stand a good chance of getting ruined.