Notes From Das Boot 68

(truck stop somewhere in Austria)

The Rock Oz Arenes festival in Avenches, Switzerland was an odd show. The festival grounds are in an ancient coliseum built by the romans, that was pretty cool. Status Quo headlined the show and outside of the amazing “Pictures of Matchstick Men” I don’t know any of their songs, what I heard was a long couple of hours of Chuck Berry styled boogie shop type music which the crowd ate up. The crowd had a large mix of families in it and until last night I never realized how how many times Dave says “Motherfucker” in the set. Earlier in the day a few of us got to go the H.R. Giger museum in the town of Gruyere. The town was real touristy and quaint, and fondue-y.  The views of the alps were amazing. There wasn’t as much original artwork in the museum as I had hoped. There were a lot of prints, but it was alright. One of the best things about the museum was a section of Giger’s personal art collection, in it there was a Joe Coleman painting (Portrait of Charles Manson) that I’ve only seen photos of. The Giger bar was cool as well.

  1. I am extremely jealous that you got to go the the Giger museum.

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