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A Message from the Pretzel Council

(figure 1) The Eastern Steamhat ripe with fresh pretzels

We at the Pretzel Council celebrate all kinds of pretzels and the brave men, women and children who manufacture them with love.  Yet there’s a special place in our hearts for naturally grown pretzels. Yes, wild pretzels come in many different forms, today we’ll take a look at pretzel trees. The most prominent of the pretzel bearing trees is the Eastern Steamhat (figure 1). The same trees that Walt Whitman mentioned in his famous poem Things I See While Drunk on my Porch
“Man o’ man do I hate bee’s
Hey, is that a pretzel tree?”

Wild tree pretzels have a nutty earthy taste prized by many top pretzel chefs. So do yourself a flavor and try a wild pretzel!

Pretzels! Not Just For Eatin