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Music Blogs

There’s a couple of music blogs that are pretty goddamn great, and even though I blathered about them in the past, here goes again.

The Devils Music is consistently great, mostly older obscure rock and soul, it usually surprises with odd unheard (or underheard) gems. There’s also a brief informative blurb that’s sharp and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Another good thing about it is that at the bottom of each post is an extensive list of like minded music blogs. Real rabbit hole stuff, you can spend hours on it.

Another great site is (when you get to his site click on “news”) John is another guy who really knows his shit and although he doesn’t post as much as I’d like, everything he puts up there is great. He just posted a few cool things on great use of fuzz guitar, with examples. Check out his post on Charlie Watts.

[both blogs can be found on BLOGROLL! which is on the right of the page]

I will get off of my soapbox now