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From My Collection

I couldn’t find any other good Polka records, at least not as good as Stanky and his Pennsylvanian Coal Miners.   Here’s a couple of covers that I like for different reasons. The first is Very, Very, Villegas (columbia, 1956) a record by jazz pianist Enrique Villegas, it’s got a cool modern art thing going with a good use of photography. The second is Tito Puente and Friend, I would have thought he had more than one friend.


R.A. Dickey

Paint it blue, slap a Mets logo on it and give it to Beltran

But I don’t have shit today. I know it’s a shitty excuse but, I was in the middle of writing something last night and listening to the game (AZ-3/NY-2) and the goddamn Mets wasted another start by 35 year old phenom R.A.Dickey. Can they fucking put together a goddamn rally and score some runs and does Carlos Beltran need a fucking Rascal when he’s playing center field…So the upshot is I was hypnotized by the Mets ineptness and didn’t finish what I was writing, which was sub-par anyway. Ugh.