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I Like Records 38

I Like Records 38

Slightly drunk guy was walking around the store, he could be best described as an “old coot”. He came up to the back counter.
-Hey, you like history?
-Dylan..Yeah…in ’64 I was listening to Dylan when nobody else was…They were listening to the Beach Boys and Frankie Valli who was fucking amazing by the way mmmm…Anyhow as I’ve grown older Dylans grown older too…He went through a religious period so did I, and HE HATES THE FUCKING MEDIA TOO! yeah…I was at Woodstock, four fucking days, man…four fucking days…They said it was free love, BULLSHIT! I didn’t see anyone having sex…there were greasers and hippies and regular people and they all got along…Fuckin’ media didn’t tell you that did they? NO…and fuckin’ Dylan yeah he HATES the fuckin’ media…When Pete Seeger and Joan Collins and the rest of them commie hippie faggots wanted Dylan to join ‘em, he grabbed an electric guitar and fuckin’ lost ‘em, yeah…RIGHT WING! RIGHT WING!…Where do you guys keep Tom Petty?