Why I Hate Francisco Rodriguez

(this won’t mean shit to anybody except disgruntled Mets fans, and even then it might not)

When John Franco was the Mets closer in the 90’s I didn’t have the sense of mortality that I have now. Yeah, he never made it easy, but fuck it there was always next time, next year. And I never understood older guys getting so bummed out when he fucked up and now I do. I’ve seen more baseball seasons than I will see in the future, unless I live to 96 and the smart money isn’t going to take that bet. So when I see K-Rod go to the mound, a petulant baby with five o’clock shadow and stupid glasses, my heart sinks. He saves games by luck or accident, if there is skill I don’t see it. I see a goon chucking the baseball towards home, with little or no sense of where it’s going. Now I’m not saying I want Braden Looper back, but for fucks sake…

    • Jason
    • July 4th, 2010

    That loss stung even more because it was a game where the Mets had old-guy (by today’s standards) knuckleballin’ Dickey vs. young phenom Strasburg … and they were winning. Old school beating new school had a classic feeling to it until the ugliness that you write about above happened. Also, is it me or do those fucking stupid USA hats make all the players look like ice cream men?

    • feedtim
    • July 4th, 2010

    good point on Dickey vs Strasburg and the Ice Cream hats

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