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Why I Hate Francisco Rodriguez

(this won’t mean shit to anybody except disgruntled Mets fans, and even then it might not)

When John Franco was the Mets closer in the 90’s I didn’t have the sense of mortality that I have now. Yeah, he never made it easy, but fuck it there was always next time, next year. And I never understood older guys getting so bummed out when he fucked up and now I do. I’ve seen more baseball seasons than I will see in the future, unless I live to 96 and the smart money isn’t going to take that bet. So when I see K-Rod go to the mound, a petulant baby with five o’clock shadow and stupid glasses, my heart sinks. He saves games by luck or accident, if there is skill I don’t see it. I see a goon chucking the baseball towards home, with little or no sense of where it’s going. Now I’m not saying I want Braden Looper back, but for fucks sake…