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I Hate Me, Part 188,027

the best part of shopping at Acme

I was doing yard work and had to run to the store before I picked my wife up at work. Late afternoon traffic dictated that I should go to Acme instead of Foodtown. The Acme is in Fair Haven, It’s smaller than Foodtown and is usually more crowded, I try to avoid it when I can. Anyhow, I had to pick up a bag of lemons and a roll of paper towels. I got to the checkout and the total was $5.98. I paid with a ten and my change was $4.02. The best thing about Acme was their checkout change dispenser. the change comes down a chute, it’s like you won something. So the clerk gave me four dollars and there should have been two cents from the dispenser. There was one. Now, I didn’t give a shit about the penny but being a conscientious guy I wanted to let them know that something was wrong with the dispenser.
Clerk- Here’s your four dollars, did ya get your pennies?
Me- …uh…actually…I uh…only got one….but…
(we both started to speak over each other, and of course there was a line behind me. I could hear their exasperated sighs, the same as I would have done if our places were reversed)
Clerk- we owe you...
Me- Nononono, I don’t care about the penny…I just..
Clerk-…so…you don’t want the penny…
Me-..I thought you might have run out of pennies…or something’s…
Clerk-…so you do want the penny..
Me-nonono…I don’t care about the penny…maybe it’s broken…I just wanted to…to let you know.
I grabbed my items and fled and was bummed out that my favorite part of shopping at Acme was ruined.


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