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I Hate Me, Part 270,091

Back in my no girlfriend havin’-drink too much-wallow in self pity days, there was a series of comfort meals (although they were more like I Give Up meals) I used to make and while tasty they were akin to pointing a gun loaded with bacon at my chest and firing. These meals should be enjoyed with warm beer or cold coffee. Weeping is optional. Bon appetit.

1 Loaf of Pepperidge Farm Toasting White

Turn oven on to low, place large serving platter in it.
Toast bread and butter it.
After buttering toast, place on platter in oven.
Repeat until loaf is finished.
Remove toast filled platter from oven.
Stack toast on another plate.
Eat toast.

1 Pound of bacon (thick cut)
1 Loaf of Italian bread

Slice Italian bread in half (longways), hollow out loaf.
In a pan, cook bacon to desired crispness.
Remove bacon from pan and drain on paper towels.
Fill bread with bacon.
Eat sandwich.

Enough ground beef to fill a large frying pan
Season and cook ground beef to liking.
Drain grease from the cooked ground beef.
Put ground beef in large bowl.
(NOTE: on a particularly horrible day the cooked ground beef can be eaten directly from frying pan)