Excerpts From the Weekly Meeting of Superman Inc.

*Approval of further meetings and a cost breakdown of the viability of moving the offices of Superman Inc. from it’s current headquarters located at the Fortress of Solitude (address: 1 Fortress of Solitude Plaza, Suite 19-25. Fortress of Solitude, Antarctica 10031) to downtown Metropolis.

*Voted to stop production on all solid red Superman t-shirts, and caps due to possible gang affiliation. Voted to start production immediately of the Louis Vuitton style Superman clothing and accessories.

*Legal department still working on licensing approval for Superman name and likeness to be used for a line of condoms and martial aids.

*Coordinate clean up and repair of downtown Metropolis with Lex Luthor’s assistant Todd. The cleanup mainly concerns last weeks unpleasantness. MAKE SURE that all employees from Lexcorp sign for any equipment they use, we are still missing two bulldozers from the last time we worked with them.

*Jennifer from the public relations department is working on a positive spin and damage control after TMZ reported last week of the “epidemic” of flying puppies being traced back to Superdog right after he did a series of Spay & Neuter PSA’s.

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