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Buzz Martin-A Logger's Reward

At the risk of style biting from the far superior Devildick music blog (a link is on yr right), here’s something I bought a little while ago. Buzz Martin-A Logger’s Reward. I don’t know much about this record, I think it’s from the mid to late ’60’s and it’s a variation on the Red Sovine, Dave Dudley style of truck driving songs. Martin sings exclusively about logging and the men who drive logging trucks. He’s from the pacific northwest and he has some odd phrasing (also there’s some clicks and skips on the songs which don’t help his phrasing). The back of the album (released by Ripcord records) has an ad for another Buzz Martin album the amazingly titled Where There Walks a Logger There Walks a Man. Excuse the quality of the recordings.


Since they repossessed my used log truck The road inspector