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I Hate Me, Part 114,742

It was sunday morning and I went to Dunkin’ Donuts to get a coffee for my wife and I. It was a short line and I ordered, paid and waited. Also waiting was this couple who had their coffees but didn’t get their food yet, they were dressed for the beach. Before I get into her rant, let me begin with the word CARAMEL. Now I’ve heard it pronounced CARAMEL or CARMEL, maybe I’ve been living under a rock but this woman pronounced it carMEL sounding like the first name of basketball player Carmelo Anthony. I’ve never heard it said that way and it made it all the more annoying. The woman was unhappy with her iced coffee and let it be known to anyone with ears:
“There’s no fucking carMEL in this shit (shaking large iced coffee), I wanted to go to fucking Starbucks but no, you had to go here…pffffffft…I ordered fucking carMEL and there’s like no fucking carMEL in this fucking shit…Here fucking taste this shit (before the guy could taste it) can you fucking taste any fucking carMEL in that shit…huh…no…there’s no fucking carMEL (grabs coffee back, slams it down on the ledge near the counter)…When I…order fucking carMEL, I fucking want carMEL…Fuck!” She then stormed out, I was right behind her. She held the door and said to me “Fuck Dunkin’ Donuts” and lit a cigarette.