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I like Records 36 (two for one)

1) There was a hippie guy Mark I wrote about in I Like records 2 (aka: Back In the Habit). he came in while waiting for another store to open. Here he talks about the hot weather.
“Yeah…I leave my A.C. on 24/7 ‘cause even if it’s windy it carries the humidity…It’s like the Meadowlands…that’s in a swamp ya know…I went there for a show a long time ago and it was hot like this and even in the shade it was hot…when I went in for the show it was hot too ‘cause all the people standing together made it rough…ya know like those guys in Viet Nam, it was humid over there ya know…real humid, even at night and they didn’t have any air conditioners either, man…I don’t know what I would have done if I was there ya know with all that humidity and they got bugs and parasites over there too…Have you seen that show about parasites?…Yeah, this woman in South America somewhere got these parasites in her brain from eating pork or something and years later they hatched in her head when she was up here and they had to do a brain surgery on her…Yeah, so I keep my A.C. on all the time.”

2) There was a small kid maybe four or five, he and his dad came up to the counter:
Father-”go ahead ask him”
Kid-”Do you have the new Shrek dvd?”
Me-”No, I’m sorry it’s not out yet. It’s still playing at the movies”
Father-”…so you don’t have it?”
Me-”Nobody has it, it’s still playing at the movies.”
Father-”My son said he saw a commercial for it.”
Me-”Well, maybe he misunderstood the commercial.”
Kid-”Dad…I saw it.”
Father-”He said he saw it.”
Me-”I’m sorry but he’s wrong.”
Father- (stare) “C’mon son they don’t have it, we’ll go somewhere else.”