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If You Squint (Mets 1)

(I changed the title, it was originally Met’s Resemblance )

At work and among my friends and family nobody ever agrees when I say that one person resembles another. Example
Me: Hey doesn’t that guy from across the street look like Leonard Cohen?
Anyone I know: No he doesn’t, you’re an idiot
Me: Leonard COHEN?
Anyone I know: Yeah, I know who is is and you’re wrong.
Me: mmmmmmmm…LEONARD Cohen?
(continue until death)
Anyhow, I was just thinking that emotionally fragile Mets pitcher John Maine resembles Jasen Fisher who played Kevin the emotionally fragile son in the 1989 Steve Martin comedy Parenthood. It doesn’t mean anything, I just thought I’d point it out. And yes, I am a John Maine fan

kid from "Parenthood"

John Maine

I Hate Me, Part 277,128

I was making copies at the UPS store and there was a loud guy on a cel phone. I had my back to him and I heard him say “I had the third eye surgery”.  So being a science fiction/comic book nerd and an all around jackass, my first thought was “Holy shit, a guy with three eyes”. So I snuck a peak at him and of course the poor bastard had on an eye patch and was talking about the third eye surgery on his sickly eye. So I felt bad that he a shitty eye, yet I was also angry at him for not actually having a third eye.