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BP says will deploy “top hat” to contain oil spill

It just might work

(A&P Press, reported by Del Unser)
BP the British energy giant, said it would deploy a small containment dome, known as a “top hat,” in a new attempt to trap the oil at the site of the leak a mile beneath the Gulf of Mexico.
“The top hat deployment should happen in the next couple of days,” BP spokesman Brent Strom said. “We don’t have a definitive date as of yet.”
Strom went on to say that if the “top hat” deployment is unsuccessful in stopping the oil spill perhaps a containment dome in the shape of a different hat might work, “Perhaps something less formal, maybe a jaunty old timey cap or some sort of giant cowboy hat will stop the leak.”. Other suggestions from international think tanks include; contacting Aquaman, nicely asking the oil to stop flowing, and plugging the leak with children’s prayers.