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I Like Records 35

I’ve never been a fan of alternative handshakes. I’m a clod and I’ve never been able to pull them off successfully. Maybe when I was kid playing in little league I would “High Five” another teammate but that was it. Which leads me to last night at work, there’s this guy who’s kind of a regular and he came in and he was a little drunk. I was behind the counter and he came up said hello and went to shake my hand. There was no reason to shake hands but I didn’t want to be a douche so I went to shake hands and all of a sudden he changed it to a “fist bump”. Now all this took place in a matter of seconds.  I quickly changed to a fist for the bump, and I don’t know why but he changed back to an open handshake and I ended up punching him in the wrist. He looked angry and surprised and grabbed my wrist with both hands. I just gave him a “whatthefuck” look and he sputtered “I…uh I just wanted to see …if you got any more tattoos.” I assured him I hadn’t and he let go of my wrist and continued shopping and I did what I always do during uncomfortable situations, I went out for a coffee.