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New pizza recipe did wonders for Domino’s

By Don Aase / USofA TODAY
Nearly six months after a desperate Domino’s Pizza tossed its much-maligned pizza recipe out the window and rolled out a spicy new one, the chain reported what CEO P.J. Daley calls a “Pizza-riffic” leap in sales at locations open at least one year. Here’s some of the changes that were made to the pizza recipe:

* Almost 50% less ground glass in the new recipe

* The use of actual tomatoes instead of anything that was small, round, and red. (ie: billiard balls, apples, cherry bombs, balls of fire)

* Pizza now cooked in an actual oven instead of on the engines of Domino delivery vehicles.

* Cardboard now an optional topping instead of being part of the recipe.

*The cheese is now made from cow’s milk instead of cheese made from dog’s milk.