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I Like Records 34

There are certain customers who have an aura of “keep away, I’m crazy” about them. I try not to make eye contact with these people unless I’m feeling particularly masochistic. This woman was looking thru the cd’s and I knew that just by asking her if she needed help would light the crazy fuse. I went down another aisle, hoping to avoid trouble. I was at the front counter picking out something to play on my I-Pod and I heard someone ask where Nelly Furtado was. Without looking up I said I’d show her and aaugh! it was the woman I’d been trying to avoid. I showed her where the Nelly Furtado section was,
(woman)-Yeah, I’ve seen these…I’m looking for a song….I hear it at the gym, it’s really sad……………It’s called “Turning” and I can’t read any of the songs on the cd’s ‘cause they’re written weird.
I looked through the cd’s and I didn’t see a song called “Turning”, I asked her if she’s sure if that’s the name of the song
-”Yes, I’m positive that’s it because she says “Turning” in the song.”
I looked up “Turning” as a song title and it didn’t come up, I googled it and I came up with a song called “Broken Strings” by James Morrison featuring Nelly Furtado.
-”No, that’s not it. It’s called “Turning”….so you can’t get it for me?”
I told her that “Turning” might not be the correct title. She just stared at me and I slowly backed away and retreated behind the counter. Another customer came up to the counter and asked for the new Carrie Rodriguez album Love and Circumstances. As I’m looking it up the Nelly Furtado woman appears behind him like a crazy ship on the horizon and she’s staring unblinkingly at me, much like the picture of Jesus (with the eyes that follow you) that was in most of my friends homes when I was a kid. This kind of threw me off my game and I typed Rodriguez incorrectly into the computer so nothing came up, so I typed Love & Circumstances instead of Love and Circumstances and nothing because I used the fucking ampersand instead of “and”. I looked up and she’s still staring, looking like she has something to say and she can’t contain it. So I’m looking at the Carrie Rodriguez guy(still being patient), he’s looking at me, I also keep looking at the Nelly Furtado woman. It’s like the end of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (I’m Tuco), after what seemed like hours the woman ran to the counter and blurted out,
The Carrie Rodriguez guy seeing how amped she was, stepped back and I found which cd “All Good Things” was on, which she was holding, I told her that the song she was looking for was on the cd she was holding.
-“ I know….are you sure it’s the song I’m looking for?…”

Jesus with the following eyes

I had ran out of things to say, I just looked at her blankly backed away (again), found the Carrie Rodriguez cd and went out for a coffee.