From My Collection

CHAILO-Let's Skate


LORETTA LYNN-Who Says God is Dead!

I have a lot of records, here’s a few with interesting covers:
CHAILO-Let’s Skate
This cover is so illegal on so many different levels, just look at it in awe.
JAY MARR- Jay Who?
This is a record by cruise ship comedian (and “on the street” news reporter for WPIX-TV) Jay Marr, it’s on Cruise records. The cover has Jay looking like a borscht belt kraken.
LORETTA LYNN-Who Says God is Dead!
This title of this gospel record by the queen of country bothers me. It seems grammatically incorrect. It could be read, Who Says God is Dead! Loretta Lynn (She says God is Dead), and the way she seems to be looking at the title it looks like she’s not happy with the title either.

  1. man you have to sell me that skate album! more of these please and include a song!!!!

    • klutch
    • May 4th, 2010

    Borscht Belt Kraken. You kill me.

    • Art Buchwald
    • May 6th, 2010

    Somewhat related, Loretta Lynn’s autobiography was originally called “Coal Miner’s Daughter?”

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