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Washington: I also used …

Ron Washington

A day after acknowledging he failed a drug test for cocaine last year, Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington gave a long rambling press conference in which he says he used marijuana and amphetamines while he was a player, he added “that was just the tip of the iceberg”. He then described other “youthful errors”, among them:
-Having a marijuana garden in the bullpen of the Minnesota Twins.

-Building and using a meth lab in the visitors clubhouse, also in Minnesota

-Maintaining a poppy farm in Baltimore while playing for the Orioles

-Inventing something called a “Meth-wich”, which was a methamphetamine infused “sloppy joe” sandwich.

-Asked teammates to call him Cocaine-icus after the “Roman god of getting high”

-Had a custom made bat with a sword concealed in it, “for protection”

Washington says his mistakes from years ago have nothing to do with the issue he’s facing now, and he doesn’t think it will be a long term distraction for the Rangers.