I Like Records 29

It was a shit night outside and dead inside when this guy came in. He was a big guy with a weird clipped accent, at first it sounded boomy and British but after he was blathering for a bit I realized it wasn’t really British. It sounded more like an upper crust John Lithgow type accent, like he was from the country of Broadway.
(KEY: + guy, @me)

+ Where do you keep… Bounce…

[now I don’t know what the hell “Bounce” is, I thought it might be a play along the lines of “Stomp” or something like that]

+ …It’s a brand new genre, fantastic stuff. It’s New Orleans music, hip-hop.

@ Alright, New Orleans. Let me check the New Orleans section.

+ Oh, no no no no no no, It would be hip-hop. (sigh) You do have a hip-hop, or rap section don’t you?

@ Yeah, it’s over here

[I walk over to the hip-hop section. It’s not gigantic, maybe five hundred cd’s and it’s easily navigable]

+ (sputtering) How…how…am I supposed to..to…to find anything here. There’s… there’s no…no order to it at all!

@ Yeah, it’s alphabetical (I pointed to the dividers with letters on them)

+ Well…well…is it alphabetical by artist or title?

@ artist

+ …mmmmmm… first name or last?

@ last name or first letter of a groups name.

+ …really…

@ yeah, that’s not something I’d lie about.

+ …mmmmm….really….

[I slowly backed away, and fled the building for a cup of coffee]

    • chris
    • March 8th, 2010

    i think that guy may have wanted “bee on say”. you know who i’m talking about…yeah exactly,,,peabo bryson as a fat chick.

    bey once, bey twice, bey three times a heffer.

    • feedtim
    • March 8th, 2010

    No. I know the guy you mean, it wasn’t him. It was a white guy

  1. hmm are you sure that he is white?

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