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I Hate Me, Part 174,992

First a little back story on this one: A) Most of these blogs are written and rewritten (although it doesn’t seem like it) on yellow legal pads, I have a lot of them around the house with a bunch of half written bullshit on them B) For the last fifteen years or so my friend and band mate Jon Kleiman and I (first in Monster Magnet, now Ribeye Brothers) have drawn these asinine childish drawings of each other entitled “This is You”. Most if not all of these drawings are of dicks with faces, arms and legs on them doing something retarded with the phrase “This Is You” scrawled on top. It would be presented to the other at band practice or work, with (example) “Hey, I found this picture of you (show the picture) it’s you as a dickbat with dickfeet pissing into your own coffee cup” The other would respond with a hastily drawn picture of something like a dick with a dick hat driving a dick car. Look, I know it’s amazingly stupid and childish. I have no defense, but it helps explain the story.
I went in to the Honda dealer to get my oil changed and I was in the middle of writing something that was originally on a scrap of paper. I grabbed a yellow pad out of my knapsack so I could finish writing. I was in the waiting room and I was writing and this guy sitting across from me starts giving me the stink eye. I ignored it for a few minutes, and I look up and he’s still glaring at me, so I put down the yellow pad and I see  a “This Is You”  (see above photograph) that I had drawn at practice a few weeks ago. The guy across from me saw a dick with a face on it with the words “This Is You” on it, no wonder he was glaring. Horribly embarrassed,  I hid in the showroom until I was sure that the guy had left.