Hurt Locker Promotion Canceled

(A&P Press, reported by Bruce Boisclair)

A promotional movie tie-in between Oscar nominated movie The Hurt Locker and Footlocker shoe stores has been canceled after only one week. The reason for the cancelation was due to multiple complaints from customers. The promotion called “Footlocker Explosion of Savings” had ten Footlocker stores in the tri-state area transformed into warzones depicted in the movie. The transformation even extended to the Footlocker staff wearing black and white striped ghutras (head scarfs). Placed in this transformed warzone/shoestore environment were camouflaged “Savings Bombs”. When accidently tripped, these “Savings Bombs” would simulate an explosion (using smoke, flashing lights and noise) and the “victim” would receive $200. in Footlocker gift certificates. It is reported that at the stores featured in this promotion many customers were frightened and disoriented, in several cases the police were called. Footlocker has suspended the promotion without issuing a statement.
This is the not the first promotional misstep for The Hurt Locker. In January it was revealed that plans for an animated children’s version of the movie entitled “The Smurf Locker” had been put on hold indefinitely.

    • chris
    • March 2nd, 2010

    i heard they were going to re-use some of the same animation cels from the also scrapped “SMURFAGGEDON 2012”
    here is part of a storyboard…

    or this…

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