responding to comments:

There’s a been a bunch of comments the last couple of days, I will briefly respond:  John McBain-I switched out all the cd’s and records at Jacks with pork roll but I didn’t really get too many good stories, maybe I should try crackers. Chris Burns-Thanks for the memoir name suggestion, “How Keen was my Burgbut I think I’m gonna go with Girthquake!: The Tim Cronin Story!!. Roman–  I like the idea of Peabo Bryson more than the man or his music. Art Buchwald & Morty Lambstershank-I like Usually Shabby as a band name, I had a dream recently that I was in a band called Goon Schooner. Kim-That guy you’ve seen pedaling around was an actor playing the Travelocity Gnome for a live action webcast.   I think that wraps it up. Goodnight.

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