Little known facts about Presidents Day

Presidents Day is a holiday combining Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays into one blandly homogenous day off and “sale-abration” event. The holiday usually features a lot of ad’s with talking money and vague patriotism. Washington and Lincoln had more in common than just being President, here are a few things.

* Washington and Lincoln both had wooden teeth, although Lincoln had his made into an anklet.

* Both men appointed wolverines to a cabinet post. Washington appointed a wolverine named Doug to the Secretary of the Interior, he is quoted as saying “Who knows the countryside better than a Wolverine? No one, my friends. No one.” Lincoln appointed a wolverine named Peabo Bryson to be Secretary of Wolverine Affairs, a short lived cabinet post.

* Washington had a powdered wig.
Lincoln had a powdered merkin.

* Both men could dig tunnels like moles. This digging prowess earned Washington the nickname “President Chunnel” from the French. While Lincoln’s tunneling skill won him the all important “mole men” vote in the election of 1860.

* Washington chopped down a cherry tree. Lincoln, in his younger days was a prostitute and went by the name Cherry Treat.

    • john McBain
    • February 15th, 2010

    Heres some more facts!
    1. Washington came up with the original concept of Doctor Octopus. A clearly defined sketch can be found on the original draft of his first presidential address.

    2. The White House code name for Lincoln was ‘Barbara Jane’.

  1. “Washington came up with the original concept of Doctor Octopus….”

    The Hands Of Ditko clearly resents the travesty of a lie!

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