I ain’t got shit

Between having a Ribeye Brothers (my band) show, lugging gear for another band I work for and digging out from the snow (both home and work) I don’t really have anything (boo-hoo).   Anyhow, check out Devildick blogspot

a cool blog about great obscure music. I may think I know my shit about music, but Tommy really does know his shit

    • Sven The Road God
    • February 7th, 2010

    Holy crap you make me sick. Less than a foot of dry powdery snow and you whine like a loose fan belt on a ’91 Econoline 150.

    Oh I suppose you’re too damn tired from loading that PA system the size of 3 shoe boxes out of the Dub two damn nights ago.

    No wonder we kicked your sorry ass out of the Roadies Union back in 2000. You’re an insult to fat dudes in sweatpants & fannypacks the world over.

    Sven The Road God
    “Drunk Before Soundcheck Tour 2010”

    • Sven The Road God
    • February 7th, 2010


    When the hell did this stinkhole turn into the goddam New York Times?

    Oh, we wouldn’t want to offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities, would we? Gimme just a minute, I have some Febreze and cachets of potpourri right here in my tech box; it will help cover up the musty smell of my Alice In Chains Local Crew 1993 shirt. I know that now you’re trying to appeal to a higher brow demographic.

    Hey, is that new shirt you’re wearing from H&M? You look like you should be playing keyboards for The Church. I know, I know, the Cigar Aficionado crowd has money and buys their own drinks. But do you really have to keep talking about French/Malaysian fusion cuisine between every damn song? And the suggestion that “This next song is called Hypnotist and it goes well with a 2003 McLaren Vale Shiraz” was beyond the effing pale.

    It’s like I don’t even know you anymore.

    Sven The Road God
    “If Today is Saturday, This Must Be A Tertiary Market Tour 2010”

    • feedtim
    • February 7th, 2010

    1) I don’t know where you live “Sven” but where I live we had over 4 feet of snow mixed with mud and anvils
    2) I also helped load in AND out the drum kit, the out was the worst when I was “helped” by a J.Norton who made the job slower with his gear lugging hints. Mr. Norton used to tour, his main job was to squeegee off Henry Rollins during live shows. I also had to carry my own stuff (microphone, and tambourine)
    3)any demographic that will listen to us, we will try to pander to.
    4)H&M has nothing for the Gangly or Obese, my clothes are custom made by a local sailmaker, although they are based on H&M designs.
    5)Our fans are a cultured bunch of people and as you know I used to be a food and wine critic for Circus Magazine. So why not speak a little bit of wine wisdom, it’s better than “hello Cleveland” and “who like breathing?!”
    I really shouldn’t have expected more from you.
    Good day to you

    • greg ginnacologist
    • February 8th, 2010

    I just heard an interview with cranky hank rollins on the BBC the other night. Not only did he deny ever using a sweat squeegee service, he railed aganist people who were so wastefull of a natural resource.
    What can you expect from a guy who bitches about people who drive hummers from behind the steering wheel of his hummer.

  1. where kevin diamond when you need him…???

  2. ‘s

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