I Like Records 27

There’s this annoying old guy who looks like a weird root vegetable with bad teeth, he buys used records and always tries to get a deal, “I’m buying these three records for a buck ninety-nine each, can you do anything on the price?” The first time he came in he bought about forty records and I took 10% off the price, which in retrospect was a huge mistake as he has never bought more than three at a time since then and he expects a discount. So I’m not too keen on this guy which brings us to last thursday morning:
(Key: * old guy, + me)
[Old guy is holding up a copy of the Rolling Stones-Made in the Shade]

* Is this The Rolling Stones

+ yeah

* THE Rolling Stones (emphasis on THE)

+ Yeah, it says so right there (I show him where it says it on the cover)

* Is it the one I’m thinking of?

+ I only know of one Rolling Stones, and I don’t know what you’re thinking of

* mmmm, I’m not sure…So you’re saying it’s The ROLLING Stones (emphasis on ROLLING)

+ yeah, that’s what I’m saying

* mmmm, ‘cause uh I don’t know this record and you’re sure there’s no other Rolling Stones putting out records.

+ that’s what I’ve been told

* ok…you got a $3.99 price on it, can you do any better?

+ I could charge you $4.99, that would be better for me

* …..oh…..

    • chris
    • February 2nd, 2010

    excuse me sir, do you work here?
    do you carry used MP3s? my kids got me an MP3 player for xmas and i dont have any music for it.
    do you have any used rolling stones MP3s in stock?


    • Art Buchwald
    • February 2nd, 2010

    Which LP was it? “SUCKING in the Seventies”?

    • chris burns
    • February 2nd, 2010

    Are you sure he wasn’t asking about The Roland Stoves? They’re another popular combo with the youngsters.

  1. Actually if you look it up there was another rolling stones sometime around 66 or some shit… (i’m too lazy to look up the actual date) but i’d love to find that 45 as those motherfuckers must have been real real (rolling) stoned, (insert *sigh* and or UGH! here) or just real smartasses, to not know that THEE rolling stones already existed…. (Emphasis on THEE) so MAYBE old rooty was on to something…???


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